Our Team

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Meet Team Migo

Migo is a group of 5 people with different experience and expertise across high tech, design and mental health who are developing a wearable device and social system to support people with their mental and emotional wellbeing. We want to do something to try to address the widespread suffering that many in New Zealand, particularly our young adults, are quietly going through, often alone.

Maru Nihoniho

Maru is an award-winning game designer and business owner. Maru brings crucial experience to Migo having been involved in designing games for mental health. Maru brings a Kaupapa Maori lens to Migo, enriching the way Migo supports people in a holistic way.


Emma Skellern

With specialist training in psychology Emma worked for Te Pou, the national workforce development centre for mental health and addiction, in project lead and  applied research positions for 7 years. She brings a sincere passion to make a positive difference having lost her brother to suicide when he was 30. She understands the importance of designing solutions for all the whanau, not just the individual. Emma now works in Unitec's Research and Enterprise office.


Brad Stillwell

Brad is a software engineer with nearly 20 years experience designing and building highly performant software systems. For the last few years he has been building machine learning systems at Xero, and loves working with big data and cloud technologies. He recently won Startup Weekend in Wellington.

Dr Guillermo Ramîrez-Prado

Dr Guillermo Ramírez-Prado is a Computer Science Technologist. He has been a researcher on Control Systems, Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things for the past decade. He has a sound knowledge in digital sensors and real time signal processing. He is innovator and a creative problem-solver. He designed the complicated back end of Migo. His goal is to be able to have an impact on improving people quality of life with the use of new technologies and paradigms.


Nicola Holden

Nicola Holden is an Experience Designer. Her focus is making sure Migo is simple, useful, and meaningful for the people it is designed for - people who want to improve their emotional and mental health, practitioners and supporters. She’s designed the interface, and co-designed the service with the people who use it. Nicola's specialty is Design Thinking and innovation. Nicola works at PwC's Experience Centre.